Reasons To Donate

6 Reasons to donate for Meadowvale Islamic Centre (MIC)

1: MIC is a focal point for the community. MIC has been a focal point for the local Muslim community through Social connection, counseling, collaboration, learning and Ibadaah. 

2: MIC does not have a physical presence. For years, MIC has struggled to provide services for the Meadowvale – Mississauga community by renting different places scattered over the area.

  • From renting Church for Friday congregational prayers, Ramadan Taraweeh, Sunday Islamic school;
  • Banquet Hall for Eid prayers
  • to organizing youth and adult educational and recreational activities in various schools based on their availability. 
  • Challenges with managing abrupt cancellation and non-availability of facilities disrupts continuity of programs.

Constructing a physical location, will drive immense services for the community with ease and a place to call its own. 

3: MIC is for everyone. MIC caters to everyone’s need from the challenged & struggling youth, social and emotional collaboration for women, regular services for adults to a common ground for the seniors. 

4: MIC serves community at Large. MIC does not limit itself but demonstrates compassion and contributes to a larger community causes through volunteering and provides tangible support to:

  • Local Food banks.
  • Charity health foundations such as Trillium Health Foundation in Mississauga.
  • Charity and support organization for the Disabled
  • International relief (not directly) but via reputed International Relief organizations, such as Islamic Relief, IDRF, CERF,  etc.
  • Engages community by adopting the main Winston Churchill Blvd. road via “Do Not Litter” campaign via 3 cleaning sessions every year in Spring, Summer & Fall

5: New facility to provide. The new facility will provide the following:

  • Prayer halls for Men and Women
  • Educational classrooms and meeting rooms
  • Social and event through a multi-purpose Hall
  • Gym for to keep the youth busy and off the street but at the same time keep the rest of the community healthy and build a sense of brother and sisterhood via fun and engagement.
  • The Video link of the BEAUTIFUL PROJECT can be viewed by clicking HERE

6: Sadqae Jariyah for you. The local community has made several contributions to bring the project to the status it is at by Purchase of two land parcels, Re-zoning and combining of the two lands, Site Plan approvals to obtaining the Building permit. They have also collected about 25% of the funds for the construction but needs extended support from our brothers and sisters around the world to bring this project to fruition. The project will take 24-30 months (target by mid-2022 In Shaa Allah) to complete and you can be part of this great and noble cause via

  • Click on One-time donation or monthly subscription for 30 months
  • Sponsor parts of the MIC building via the MIC Sponsorship Cart
  • You can also contribute via Bank wire, check and Interac Transfer