About MIC

Meadowvale Islamic center (MIC) is an upcoming organization which seeks to obtain the pleasure of Allah (SWT) through working for the establishment of Islam in all spheres of life.

MIC has many programs and activities which are designed to help all Muslims in molding and reforming their life style according to Islamic values.

The centre is committed to provide all Muslims despite their ethnic or language background a true Islamic environment where they can practice Islam. It is not only a place of worship but also provides councillor services for our fellow muslims to overcome their social problems.

We welcome all muslim men, women and youth to assemble, discuss and seek advice from the fellow muslims in regard to their family, social and financial issues focusing on the local community of the Meadowvale area.

MIC is dedicated to nurturing the Muslim youth – the personality of a Muslim who is sincere, spiritual, truthful and honest. A Muslim who practices Islam at all times and places.

Meadowvale Islamic Centre is located at 6508 Winston Churchill Blvd. in Mississauga, Ontario and was established in 2002.